Flowers and Jewwlry, the Token of Love for Romantic Christmas

January 26th, 2010

Jewelry is always the wonderful gift for festivals. For 2009 Christmas, some jewelry brands of the first class have published their new versions. Among all pieces of perfect art works, some related to flowers are more brilliant in this cold winter. Well, with sincere feelings, the cold days are just as warm as the coming spring. And flowers are blooming. Now, are you ready? Let’s begin our journey in the flowers’ world.

Cartier and orchid
The orchid is noted for its elegant appearance and flourishing vitality. Early in the year 1925, designers of Cartier has created the orchid-shaped hair ornament. For years, orchid has been seen in the Cartier world. In this year, there are new versions, Cartier onyx diamond ring in the shape of orchid. With the innovative design, this orchid series really gain a new life. They are just like the fairy of flower, dancing on the figures. What a good gift for the Christmas!


CHANEL and camellia
In the CHANEL kingdom, camellia is the national flower. Though the camellia seems a little plain compared to some brightly colorful flowers, some subtle fragrance from the nature gives it the special charm. With the favour from camellia, there are elegant jewelry. For this Christmas, just choose the camellia ring for your girl.

Tiffany Circlet ring
As one of the best jewelry for festivals, Tiffany always brings about the big surprise. For 2009 Christmas gifts, Tiffany has provided fascinating jewelry for its fans, like the Tiffany Circlet earrings. This time, Tiffany has refreshed the classical rose-cut, catching the most charming figure of rose in full bloom. As the token of love, Tiffany Circlet earrings are the very gift to express your love.

Van Cleef & Arpels and lotus
For the Van Cleef & Arpels, there is the gorgeous lotus. This year, Van Cleef & Arpels has published the Lotus diamond rings, having gained a lot attention, already. In this year’s celebration of School of Fashion in New York, Anne Hathaway gave all a deep impression by her shining Lotus diamond ring. Also, you can consider Lotus diamond ring when choosing Christmas gifts.

With these wonderful flower jewelry, maybe you can feel the taste of happiness now. For the coming Christmas, just choose one of these jewelry and give your love to her. 

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Seiko Dia-shock Automatic 23 Jewels Men’s Watch SARB003

January 26th, 2010

SARB003 is a marvelous collection from Seiko. It is a greatest men’s watch from Seiko with 23 Jewels. Its look is great. It is really a well made watch.
It has a diameter of 39mm which is one of the biggest in the Mechanical line. The lugs are thick and brushed. They are even thicker than some divers of similar diameter. Watch comes with a sturdy bracelet to match its solid watch case. The both size and thickness of this watch gave it that solid feel.

This watch comes in three color variants. The SARB003 comes with brushed bezel while the other two variants have polished ones. Seiko watches sometimes come with different types of finishing on different color variants. This series is one that has these differences. It is hard to describe the color of the dial. It seems to vary between brown and olive color under different lighting.

The dial is pretty well made. It even has very fine concentric circles originating from the center and it is more attractive and more legible. Most people who purchase this watch is happy with its pleasing dial.

Seiko SARB003 features 23 Jewel 6R15B automatic movement that hand winds and hacks, Faceted sapphire crystal on front, hardlex crystal on see thru back. Its water resistant is 100Meter. It has couple of faint marks on the case and some on the back of the lugs from strap and/or bracelet change or sizing so we’ll rate it excellent/near mint. Bracelet has been sized but all links are included, as is the box and paperwork. This watch is really a too fancy.

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Made in Japan!!
Stainless Steel Case
Stainless Steel Bracelet
Sapphire Crystal
Diashock 23 jewels
Caliber 6R15
See-through back: Hardlex
38 mm Diameter (without the crown)
12.7 mm Thickness
Dial Color Black
Date Calendar
Automatic Movement with Hand winding and Hack function
Accuracy +25/-15 sec/day
50 Hours Power reserve
100m water resistant

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It Is Strongly Suggested That We Should Wholesale Fashion Jewelry From Yaling

January 25th, 2010

It is strongly suggested that we should wholesale jewelry from yaling.which is a group special doing online wholesale jewelry business.For the affordable price and good quality.

High fashion jewelry has become accessible to the masses in contempo years

Fashion Jewelry has been beat for abounding bags of years. In age-old Egypt, Pharaohs and queens wore beautiful, busy adornment as a attribute of their ability and godhood. Once the Egyptians fell from power, adornment became a abundant simpler affair with the Greeks and Romans, but it never went abroad entirely. Throughout all of that time, gold adornment was the cornerstone of all adornments. It was not until actual afresh in animal history however, that top fashion jewelry absolutely came into getting as a allotment of accustomed life.


The Old Way

In the past, fashion jewelry was accepted not by the designer, but by the abundance that awash it. No one knew who the artist was, but they knew if it came from Harry Winston, Cartier or Tiffany’s.

Each abundance had endless designers accouterment their artefact and the name associated with the jewelry was that of the agent rather than the maker. The food adopted it that way. As continued as it was their name and not the designer’s that anybody knew, the food had control. They didn’t accept to anguish about a acclaimed artist abrogation and affairs his or her articles to addition store.


The New Way

Then in the backward seventies came the New Artist Gallery as allotment of the Jewelers of America show. Suddenly alone designers came foreground and centermost in the adornment industry. The acclaimed food would still abide famous, but now collections from alone designers would become appropriately acclaimed for the aboriginal time.

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Bringing Some Style to Men’s Wedding Bands

January 25th, 2010

Men’s wedding bands are some of the most underappreciated pieces in the world of jewelry. While a women’s engagement and wedding ring is showed off to friends, co-workers, family and common acquaintances, a men’s wedding band just sort of exists, sitting on the man’s hand as a symbol of love, though seriously, not much else.

While underappreciated, recent developments in the men’s ring industry have led to some intriguing new designs featuring stunning metals. While a men’s wedding ring might not be the most distinguishable part of a men’s daily ensemble, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. At their core, men’s wedding bands are all about simplicity. While a women’s wedding ring is there to show off, a men’s band is there to simply state: I’m married, hands off. Because of this, men traditionally don’t go for anything like fancy diamonds or other “bling”, they simply stick with a precious metal. While gold and silver are still beloved choices, many men have started to flock towards other metals such as titanium and tungsten. These metals still give off beauty and sophistication, but they also give off something else, something that makes them perfect for men. I don’t want to use the word “macho” because that makes it sound shallow, no, these metals startle the line between endearingly industrial and sophisticated much like a beautifully designed high rise which melds both steel and glass.

The nice thing about metals such as titanium and tungsten is that they are versatile enough to add other precious jewels or metals to the rings. Some sellers add sterling silver rope bands to their rings or engraved art carved faces. One of the most popular materials to add to these “metallic” rings is diamonds. Adding a bit of class to the rings, both white and black diamond’s can be utilized as they go perfectly with titanium and tungsten rings. To give them a subtle sophistication, these diamonds are usually set into the band and not inserted on top of them.

These titanium and tungsten mens wedding bands do not look like a simple fad. What started out as something that was just offered by a few websites has now turned into a multi-million dollar industry. Despite popular belief, men are looking for something intriguing and catchy for their wedding bands. It might not be about the bling, but it’s about bringing out personality in a simple, sophisticated ring. Take a look online and you’ll see just how many choice you have. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Kimberly Green was so impressed with the mens wedding bands found at that she bought her husband’s ring there.

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Ruby Engagement Rings – Popular And Very Much In Fashion

January 25th, 2010

In recent times, Ruby is a very popular and adorable gemstone in the world of gems and jewelry. This classy gemstone is found in different shades from pink to blood red color. All the shades are meant for engagement and bridal functions and look extremely beautiful and attractive. Women are especially just crazy about the ruby engagement rings due to their attractiveness and amazing colors. Ruby and diamond engagement rings are widely accepted among people of modern age due to their exotic and striking shades. Nowadays, you can also find the artificial rubies in the jewelry market. These fake gemstones are very cheaply available and if you don’t want to spend much on your engagement ring then buying a synthetic ruby engagement ring is never a bad idea at all. But as you know that there is no alternative to real and pure things, this is the reason why pure ruby engagement rings have their own grace and those who can afford ruby just love to purchase these engagement rings.

Ruby is a durable stone and hence is a symbol of enduring love. This gemstone gives a unique and stylish look in the yellow gold setting. Today, if you visit the jewelry market you will find a big variety of ruby engagement rings, but these days, the engagement rings with big oval shaped ruby as the center stone are very common and very trendy. You can go for this type of engagement ring because it really looks beautiful. Another attraction of this type of engagement rings is that the ruby stone is covered with small diamond stones that give the ring an exciting look. If you cannot afford these rings then you should also check out the warren james engagement rings.

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